SEO For a New Website

When you set up a new website, you usually get excited by the visual effects, the design and how well your products and services are presented in front of your visitors eyes. However, have you ever wondered why your site does not appear anywhere in the search engine result pages or why you never get as many new customers as you want?

Although your site might appear fantastic, your targeted customers might not be able to ever find it. The reason why is that you did not follow some very basic SEO rules which would help your website to be promoted in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Here we provide you with some highly effective tips on how you could make search engines to index your website or get informed quickly about an updated version of your website in the future.

Accessibility: Make sure every page of your website can be found by the search engine crawlers. Avoid creating an overwhelming website or a site with very little content that would confuse search engines and visitors. A few things to keep an eye on:

  • Avoid duplicate content
  • Ensure that there are no missing title, description or heading tags
  • Fix errors such as 500s 404s
  • Create a sitemap
  • Make use of descriptive URLs


Keyword research: Make sure you target the right keywords. Is anybody searching for my keywords? Do they have a good search volume? Are they relevant to my website? These are important questions that you should be asking yourself during a keyword research. Use your targeted keywords on site navigation links or other internal links. You should aim to optimise your page for no more than 5 keywords.

Usability: Your website’s design should be neat and simple. Your web designers should develop a website with visitors in mind. They should build a website where people would be able to find their way around, easily and within seconds. If your visitors find your website frustrating, they will leave and never come back. Survey your friends, colleagues or people from your industry and find out what they think about the design and usability of your website.  There is no point in ranking high if you do not acquire any customers for the above reasons.

Content:  Another reason why your visitors abandon your website quickly could be because they do not find the answer to their query. The content of your website is not just a bunch of blocks of text. Your website’s content should fill your visitor with excitement about the answer or information they get from you. Try to enrich your content with videos, images, graphics or data that will create an unforgettable experience to the visitor. A satisfied visitor will recommend your website to his or her friends, will bookmark it and definitely return back.

Link building: When it comes to link building a lot of people make the mistake to rush and acquire as many links as possible. This is wrong because although at the beginning you achieve high rankings, after a while, search engines will penalise your website heavily. Even if you have thousands of links, these could pass no link benefit at all due to their low quality. Therefore, it is important have links that pass trust to yours and improve your website’s value for the search engines.

Social media: Social media and SEO were never so close before. Search engines value highly social signals and they take them into consideration when they index webpages. Hence, it is important to set up accounts in social media such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Additionally, social media can give you a major benefit in terms of branding and usage. They can also help you with realising how people see your products or services through sharing or linking to them. Try to use the same branding, pictures and descriptions about your business in all social platforms. You should aim on developing the same account experience in every social media platform. It is recommended that you track and monitor your social media with the right tools. Dedicate some time to set up accounts, develop and share valuable content, build up your network and observe the value your receive from the social media world.