Touchpoint Digital and Lumie

Lumie, leading specialist in light therapy, used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), jet lag and insomnia, is seeing business boom. With a 74% increase in Return On Investment (ROI) following Touchpoint’s audit of Lumie’s paid search marketing, Lumie is now reaping the benefits of a carefully constructed Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign and reaching its target markets through online advertising.

While Lumie was no stranger to Internet promotions – with PPC run in-house, plus Facebook and web-based adverts – by moving over to Touchpoint Digital 12 months ago, operations have been improved significantly, pushing Lumie’s website from ‘doing its job’ to ‘exceeding expectations.’

Lumie said: “Touchpoint Digital has significantly increased our ROI – the ultimate goal of any marketing activity. The great thing about the web is that the route from click to sale is clear so you can see straightaway what’s working. Plus, the extra information gathered through analytics allows us to gain a better understanding of our potential and existing customer base. Whilst we were doing OK before, the input and expertise from Touchpoint Digital has made a huge difference and we’re now working together on the online strategy for the coming year.”

Touchpoint Digital and Lumie work in partnership, with Touchpoint providing consultancy services for PPC and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), as well as planning and managing Lumie’s digital advertising.

The beauty of digital marketing is that all activity and its effects can be monitored. If a user clicks on a banner ad, for example, but does not purchase the product, Touchpoint Digital finds them within the network and then targets them with an additional message – something that’s impossible through traditional marketing channels.

Lumie’s success online is testament to the ever-increasing importance of the web. Get it right and, like Lumie, a positive result can be achieved very quickly, get it wrong and potential markets are missed-out on and existing customers ignored. With Touchpoint’s activity converting clearly into pounds and pence, for Lumie this was, and will continue to be, money well spent.

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