Our Internet Marketing Services

  • Paid Search

    PPC advertising allows you to advertise on major search engines, paying only when your ad gets clicked. It is a fast way to drive a high number of potential students who have already expressed an interest in higher education to your site.

  • Spotify Advertising

    Spotify is a digital music service that gives users access to millions of songs instantly. Advertising on Spotify has shown to be far more effective than traditional radio advertising. 

    We offer a 20% discount for new clients.

  • Twitter Advertising

    One of our core strengths is the implementation of Twitter advertising strategies for clients. This experience has given us insight into how to shape strategic social media plans that fit our clients’ needs and objectives.

  • Facebook Advertising

    Facebook has grown to be one of the most popular websites on the internet, second only to Google, with users visiting the site several times a day.

  • LinkedIn Advertising

    LinkedIn Advertising is an effective way to reach professional bodies of people. At Touchpoint, we implement effective LinkedIn Advertising campaigns for our clients based on their needs and objectives.

  • Content Marketing

    The purpose of content marketing is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and distributing valuable and relevant content. It can help to drive traffic to your website, get people interested in your educational institution and can also improve your rankings in Google search results.

  • Creative Design

    We at Touchpoint Digital also produce digital creative formats.  We can produce a whole variety of formats from flash banners, to incorporating streaming video.

  • YouTube Advertising

    Capture the attention of your student audience through YouTube’s video advertising features.

  • Web Analytics

    The Touchpoint Digital team are highly experienced in analytics. You can have confidence in our ability to analyse websites; developing and implementing the best strategies for our clients on an individual and unique basis.

  • Tracking and Adserving

    Our tracking and Adserving technology allows us to accurately gauge the user’s path to conversion, not just the last click. Our expertise in tracking and adserving is vital for us, and our clients, to understand how each channel/platform is performing.

  • Media Buying

    Touchpoint Digital uses an unbiased media planning & buying model where only the sites which bring the highest return on investment are selected. Our display ad campaigns have given our clients much success in increasing traffic and conversions.

  • Strategy

    We can devise and implement the best education marketing strategy for your institution. Whatever your digital communication requirements, whether small or big, we can help you create the most effective strategy to meet your campaign goals.