Twitter Advertising


Twitter has grown into one of the biggest social media sites around.  With over 200 million active users a month, there is huge opportunity for businesses to engage with consumers.  Not only is engaging with the consumer a good thing for your brand reputation, but also knowing what people are saying about your brand helps you understand the needs of the consumer. Twitter is now accessible through mobile phones allowing individuals 24/7 access to their accounts and businesses to reach them in real time.

Our marketing strategies for twitter focus on three key areas; promoted followers, promoted tweets, and promoted trends.

Promoted followers build brand loyalty and add more followers.  A promoted entry attached to your twitter account will appear at the top of the “Who to follow” box on people’s twitter feeds. You can target who sees these promoted entries based on the individuals interests, location, gender, similarities with current followers, and device type.

Promoted followers are charged on a cost-per-follow basis meaning you only pay once you are followed.  They can be extremely successful.

Touchpoint Digital ran a promoted followers campaign for the Cambridge Judge Business School to great success. Their twitter followers increased from 350 to 5,500 in less than two weeks.

Find out more about how we helped Cambridge Judge Business School >

Promoted tweets expand audience reach and drive engagement. Promoted tweets also appear on targeted people’s twitter feeds, allowing your tweet to reach people that wouldn’t have necessarily seen it. They can be targeted toward specific people based on their location, interests etc., or at a specific times. They are displayed at the top of the timeline and in search results ensuring more people see your tweet.

Promoted tweets are charged on a cost-per-engagement basis meaning you pay when people engage with the tweet by commenting, clicking, retweeting and favoriting.

Promoted trends are one of the most popular features of twitter and have a wide variety of uses.  They appear at the top the Trending Topics list and can be used to make a company announcement, start a conversation or kick off an event. Users can click on a promoted trend to see all search results for that topic.

Promoted trends are paid for on a cost-per-engagement basis; once people start engaging with your trend. 1-3% of individuals will engage with an organic tweet on twitter but with a promoted trend 7-10% of people are likely to engage.

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