Online Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Our core objective is to deliver the best possible results for each of our clients

This mind-set is reflected in the meticulous way we approach media planning & buying. The first step will be to analyse what your communication objectives are – awareness, registrations, leads, brochure requests or sales. Once this has been ascertained the most applicable channel or channels will be selected to meet those objectives.

Once the media selection has been made the relevant publishers will be sourced

Each publisher is selected based on the requirements of the individual client, not what best suits the agency. Recommendations are made and based on the platforms or publishers that will provide the best ROI for your budget.

An initial small test investment would be made to identify the most cost efficient media platforms

Once the most effective platforms have been identified a larger media investment would be made, making sure your resources are invested into media platforms that deliver the best results for you.

Throughout the campaign duration each platform is monitored to track its overall performance.

If any channel is deemed to be underperforming it will be removed from any subsequent activity. Over the campaign lifetime only the most responsive channels would be selected maximising campaign efficiency.

If you would like to discuss any media buying or planning requirements please get in touch.