Media Buying

Touchpoint Digital uses an unbiased media planning & buying model where only the sites which bring the highest return on investment are selected. Our display ad campaigns have given our clients much success in increasing traffic and conversions.

We will identify the right media platforms to connect you with your existing or potential students.

We offer media buying services across a whole spectrum of media platforms, such as radio, outdoor, TV or online channels. We will negotiate the most effective deals possible, to maximise your return on investment.

There are broad range of online channels where we can buy advertising that will reach the right student audience, such as UCAS, Yahoo, Microsoft, online news publications, and entertainment channels such as MTV. If you would like to invest in offline advertising we can help with that too.

We have strong relationships with our suppliers so that we always stay up-to-date on new developments in the media industry.

To discuss any media buying requirements for your institution please get in touch.