Paid Search

PPC advertising allows you to advertise on major search engines, paying only when your ad gets clicked. It is a fast way to drive a high number of potential students who have already expressed an interest in higher education to your site.

Search marketing should underpin all your online activity

The ideal long-term strategy is to have high visibility on both paid and organic sides of the search results.

With PPC advertising you can create specifically targeted campaigns so that the ads are only seen by the most relevant people. For this reason, conversion rates are much higher than traditional forms of advertising and create a lower cost per acquisition.  

Setting up and running a PPC campaign correctly takes time and expertise

Touchpoint have a team of Google Adwords qualified professionals who take into account all the risks associated with pay per click advertising and create the most effective campaign for the needs of your institution. We closely monitor the campaigns to ensure they remain cost effective and drive conversions to your site. Touchpoint Digital are experts in this field and will facilitate all the key components in the entire process, from keyword lists to ad-copy text generation.

Full tracking and monitoring will be implemented on every campaign, enabling the optimum return on your investment

Spend caps are monitored on a daily basis to make sure your daily budgets are adhered to. Changes can be made to the campaign at any time while it is running, something that you cannot do with traditional advertising. With our knowledge and expertise we deliver successful PPC campaigns that allow institutions to maximise their online potential and attract potential students.

o    You only pay when your ad gets clicked

o    We take all of the risk out of running a pay per click campaign

o    We are experts in traffic acquisition and conversion

o    We have a team of Google Adwords qualified professionals

If you would like to discuss any paid search requirements please do get in touch.