E-Commerce Pay on Performance PPC

Performance PPC

"For an e-commerce website your goal is to make sales. With our expertise in PPC campaigns we will expand your website's reach and maximise your sales exponentially!"

You've probably read all kinds of countless claims and marketing speeches, like the one above, about Pay Per Click (PPC) from a plethora of digital marketing agencies, so it can be tricky to work out which agencies are the right fit for you. Receiving bills from PPC agencies for the management of a poor performing PPC campaign is a demoralising scenario, so it's understandable to be anxious about spending your advertising budget on PPC without knowing whether you're going to get the right results. That's why with Touchpoint Digital you will only be spending money when our PPC campaigns deliver results.

Paying for success

Our billing is based on us taking a commission percentage of each sale we make for you (to pay for the Adwords cost as well as our time), we take on all the risk associated with pay per click advertising. With this PPC model our goals are completely aligned with yours as if we don't perform, you don't pay us anything. Conversely, the more sales we make for you, the more profit we'll both see. A no-brainer for all concerned.
  • You only pay when a sale is made
  • We take all of the risk out of running a pay per click campaign
  • We are experts in traffic acquisition and conversion
  • We have a team of Google Adwords qualified individuals
  • Our goals are fully aligned with yours
  • A proven track record: Touchpoint Digital are responsible for a 490% increase in revenue for Lumie

This is a model which has already proven to give us exceptional results, click here to read about the successes of a Pay on Results campaign we managed for Lumie.

If you would like to discuss any paid search requirements please do get in touch.