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SEO Consultancy

Consumers are actively searching within the digital space whether via their mobile phone or their PC

 It is fundamentally important for a website to have visibility within a search engine, whether that is natural visibility (listing on a search engine based on relevance to the search term) or paid visibility (sponsored links on a search engine which is paid for).

Consumers trust their search results and are looking to be influenced and guided in their decision-making process

Enabling a site to appear high in search engine rankings is a process that can involve adapting the look and feel of a site, as well as the internal mechanics that the site employs. Search engines regularly update their algorithms, which they use to determine relevancy. They are regularly modified to improve their search results, ranking sites that focus on quality content the highest, in their desire for a constantly improved user experience.

Touchpoint Digital employs a variety of techniques to help with your site's natural visibility

With a proven track record in SEO consultancy, we work on your site’s SEO weaknesses and employ effective and ethical techniques including keyword research, technical auditing, competitor research, on-page/off-page analysis, link-building and reporting. In return you see real results and the enhanced visibility of your online presence.

Each project is benchmarked so that it's possible to identify the improvements in your search rankings


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