Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing


August 2013

From both ends of the spectrum, affiliate marketing is an effective way to boost income. As an affiliate, you can earn extra income easily while growing your business. Likewise, companies can benefit from the increased traffic and sales provided by the exposure they gain from their affiliates.


Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The process of getting involved in affiliate marketing can be a little more complicated than it sounds. Rather than randomly selecting companies or affiliates to connect with, it’s important to do a little research to ensure that you’re a good fit for one another. A digital marketing agency can be an excellent resource for setting up affiliate marketing to ensure that you gain the most possible out of this marketing method.




Affiliate Marketing Overview

  • What is it?Affiliate marketing is a business venture in which the affiliate receives a commission each time a sale is made and the company gains increased sales and customers.
  • How does it work?Once affiliate advertisements are placed on a website or blog, a subscriber clicks on the ad and is transferred to the company’s site.

Who Uses Affiliate Marketing?

  • Common Affiliates.Small-business owners, home-based business and bloggers often serve as affiliates to bring in extra income and benefit from the connection to a larger company.
  • Potential for Companies.Companies of all sizes can use affiliate marketing. Amazon is a prime example of a large company that benefits from the sales created by countless affiliate marketing advertisements.

Getting Started

  • Choosing Affiliates/Companies.It’s important that the affiliate and company have commonalities that will promote a mutually beneficial business relationship.
  • Appropriate Product Choices.As an affiliate it only makes sense to choose to market products that complement your business. This promotes credibility with customers and can lead to an increase in the sales of your own products.
  • Develop Credibility through Authenticity. Appropriate product choices and affiliate connections helps small businesses gain credibility by remaining authentic and true to their core business.

Signs You’re on the Wrong Track

  • Negative User Reviews.Before sealing the deal with an affiliate or company, invest some time in reading user reviews. Your reputation will be associated with the reputation of the business you connect with.
  • Limited Link Options.A variety of link options are beneficial to affiliates. Companies that provide only text options can limit your ability to earn commissions. Seek out companies offering banner ads and other forms of media, such as videos.
  • Stale Product Selection.Connect with a company offering a fresh or evergreen product selection that will pique the interest of buyers.
  • Poor Tech Support.Technical support is important to ensure everything runs smoothly and potential commissions aren’t lost.

Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success

  • Pursue Your Passion.Savvy consumers know when you’re just going through the motions. Promote authenticity and enthusiasm by connecting with a company that’s in line with your business passions.
  • Know Your Target Audience.The best products and companies in the world won’t bring about the commission you desire if they’re geared toward a different audience. To market well, you must know who you’re marketing to.
  • Start with Great Content.Great affiliate marketing works well in conjunction with great content. Before you pursue this marketing method you must build a website or blog that’s chockfull of good content. This is what draws consumers to you in the first place.

Affiliate Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

When it’s done correctly, affiliate marketing can provide you with numerous benefits. Both parties can increase revenue as one of the primary benefits of the association formed between them. An affiliate can also gain credibility and increased exposure by being associated with a big name company. In addition to pursuing your core business, affiliate marketing is a budget-savvy way to attract more customers and enjoy a little extra income.

From the advertiser’s point of view, there’s nothing like a little cost-effective advertising. Paying a small commission to others for promoting your business and increasing sales can be an excellent investment in time and money. The additional sales channels you gain can extend your customer reach in ways you might not have been able to do on your own.

Avoid wasting time and money by working with a digital marketing professional on your affiliate marketing plan. An expert who knows your business goals can help you make appropriate selections that are in line with your business goals. Additionally, your long-term goals and business reputation will be considered as part of the marketing process.



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