3 Steps to Successful International Student Recruitment


March 2015

As the UK’s share in the global student recruitment market comes under threat, find out how your university can overcome the challenges ahead.

3 Steps to Successful International Student Recruitment


It is no shock that the rates for international student recruitment are dropping here in the UK; in particular we have seen a dramatic decline in the enrolment of South Asian students, and despite still holding tenderly onto its 12.6% share of the global student recruitment market, it has many challenges to face. With its key competitors’, in the US, Australia and Canada, still seeing their international student rates rising, the institutions in the UK have some work to do.

Universities UK has already identified that the UK’s establishment as a leading study destination is under threat, and with the UK’s government plans to reduce immigration, Mr. Cameron pledging to cut numbers below 100,000, this creates great implications for Educational Institutions in the UK. As a whole, the UK needs to work harder to remain one of the top destinations for international study.

In order to excel within the declining market, it is now that your institution must take action, and at Touchpoint Digital, we are committed to developing new, innovative strategies to engage with key international markets, and help you overcome the current concerns around international student recruitment.

Through creative digital campaigns and rigorous analysis of the marketing strategies, we can provide you with the necessary expertise to raise awareness of your institution, and focus on how your university is perceived internationally, and in the UK. With three steps, Touchpoint Digital can make that happen:

  1. WHAT are you communicating?

We can help you establish exactly what is necessary to communicate to international students, picking out the highly marketable aspects of your university. For international students, it is essential that the information provided is clear, simple and digestible to ensure optimum audience engagement. With our services in content marketing, we can provide easily shareable information, to ensure your university is effectively understood overseas.

  1. WHO are you communicating it to?

In order to make a significant impact on the market, it is important that your university can firmly identify your target audience. So for international students, it is crucial that they gain a ‘feel’ for your university, enabling them to become increasingly familiar with your institution, staff and current students. With our skills in social media strategies, we can also provide your institution with highly accessible campaigns, helping you to build a digital community, for current and prospective students, to engage and interact with.

  1. HOW are you communicating?

To stand out, your university needs to confidently establish a brand, informing students what your university is and what it’s all about. With a combination of our services, we can help you deliver strong, impressionable content across a multitude of social media platforms, building the capacity to reach international attention.

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