At a Glance Instagram Ads for Universities


October 2015

It’s been roughly 6 weeks since Instagram fully enabled its ad service, and since then we’ve had the opportunity to begin our first Instagram adventures. In this case study we measure the effectiveness of Instagram ad campaigns for universities and take a look into the future of Instagram advertising.


At a Glance: Instagram Ads for Universities

It’s been roughly 6 weeks since Instagram fully enabled its ad service, and since then we’ve had the opportunity to begin our first Instagram adventures.

So far, we’ve had the excitement of working with three unique clients to create and maintain Instagram ads for University Open Day campaigns, which we’ve found each to be a huge success, and combined with Instagram’s ideal demographics, this platform has proved to be incredibly worthwhile for educational institutions.




The Goal:

The main goals of the campaigns were to increase sign-ups to open day events, and raise further brand awareness across the platform.

The Campaign:

Instagram enabled us to explore each universities distinct characteristics using creative content to promote and enhance the universities individual brands. By crafting three exclusive strategic plans, each university was able to provide their target audience with highly-engaging, quality sponsored posts. Each campaign was monitored frequently, and the content was adapted throughout to ensure it remained relevant to its audience. By experimenting with content variations, the universities were able to refine their brand’s voice, and find the most suitable approach to communicate their messages, resulting in fantastic levels of engagement.

Instagram have also released their own case studies from a small selection of brands, some of which include BirchboxChannel 4and Ben and Jerry’s, which demonstrate the endless ways in which brands can achieve phenomenal levels of engagement.

Despite Facebook still reigning number one with its huge user base, in this mobile dominated market, Instagram, while still remaining a relatively new social media platform, continues to grow from strength to strength. And it is not surprising that more and more advertisers are jumping on-board, as Instagram harbours some impressive statistics. By no means does this signal Facebook’s end, as it still remains a highly successfully social media marketing channel, however with Instagram’s rise in popularity, some marketers are beginning to compare the two social media platforms, and the findings again provide evidence of Instagram’s truly remarkable rates of engagement. One of the key differences between the platforms is Instagram’s considerably narrow range of user engagements; however this seems to work in Instagram’s favour, as it provides users with a clear, clutter-free feed, whilst still remaining content heavy.

“Though both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, universities will continue to benefit from a strategic combination of both Facebook and Instagram”.

University presence on Instagram is still in its infancy stage, and now that Instagram’s ads are becoming an innate part of marketers’ strategies, education institutions are in an advantageous position and now have the opportunity to utilise the platform to significantly build upon their approaches to student recruitment. If you are interested in advertising on Instagram, or would like to find out how we can support your digital marketing requirements, get in touch.



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