How Universities can utilise Twitter Moments


October 2016

Until recently, Twitter’s own curation team and a small selection of partners were the only ones authorised to assemble moments; but now, the feature is being opened to everyone.


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Since launching in October 2015, Moments has been a way of gathering and organising the best content on Twitter. It enables users to see what’s happening in the world without the need to follow new accounts or monitor trends. Until recently, Twitter’s own curation team and a small selection of partners were the only ones authorised to assemble moments; but now, the feature is being opened to everyone. This presents a prime opportunity for universities to promote themselves to their prospects on Twitter, through the curation of compelling and relevant content.

So, how does it actually work? Clicking on a moment will reveal an introduction, which then can be swiped through for tweets, images, auto-playing videos, GIFs and more. Moments lets users go way beyond the 140-character limit, allowing them to compile content that tells a story. Social storytelling is one of the most effective ways of encouraging prospects to form a connection with a brand; it’s a chance to creatively show its brand personality and communicate with an audience without them feeling they are being directly marketed to. Universities can reveal the latest news or share highlights from a big event, such as an Open Day, Sporting Event or Graduation Ceremony, to prospective students through a moment. This helps prospects feel involved in the story and may even lead them to imagine themselves experiencing it first-hand, encouraging them to apply for a place at the university.



Traditionally considered to be a text-based platform, Twitter is now endorsing visual content more than ever. This comes as no surprise; images and videos are both engaging and easy to digest, particularly for a millennial audience. This rise of visual platforms like Instagram and Snapchat is a clear indication of this, and Moments could be perceived to be Twitter’s response. However, the combination of visual content and sharp copy enables Twitter to uphold its original character. Universities should embrace imagery in order to successfully target prospective students on social media as it can provide a genuine insight into what the university is like; visuals are considerably more difficult to ‘polish’ than text. What’s more is that old content on Twitter can be recycled through Moments, given the right context.

A key aspect of Moments is that the content does not need to be from the user’s own account. A moment is a collection of tweets, all in different formats and from a variety of sources, meaning universities can pull together the best content from current students or attendees of a particular event to paint an extensive picture. This, again, draws on the idea that prospects feel they are seeing a real and authentic depiction of the university and lifestyle as not all content is promotional coming directly from the brand. Students will also be eager to see if their own tweets have been featured, which, in turn, may encourage them to share the moment and help it reach a wider audience.

While Twitter is still rolling out updates on the feature – for example, Moments can currently only be created on a desktop – universities will want to keep an eye on its potential for reaching and engaging prospective students. To find out how you can use Twitter and Moments for your social media marketing, please get in touch.



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