Spotify Guide for Universities


April 2017

Spotify’s free service is the ideal platform for Universities to advertise because it is possible to precisely target your ads to individuals that are aged between 17-21. Spotify launched in 2006 and now has over 100 million active users the largest percentage being 29%, which are 18-24.

Spotify is available in over 60 countries and the average cross-platform user spends 148 minutes each day listening to Spotify. It will come as no surprise that Spotify ads are now more popular than traditional radio ads as more people are choosing online streaming services over mainstream radio. Users also recognise that traditional radio has more ads and this is another reason why they prefer online streaming services, as the ads are less frequent.

Spotify offer free accounts and paid accounts, when users sign up for their account they give some details about themselves, for example, age and gender. Spotify also offers its users playlists with music tailored to specific moods and actives; for example, work out, party, relax and travel. We are then able to see people who are listening to certain playlist often and target them accordingly. Similarly, you are able to deliver your advert after a user has listened to a particular genre, e.g. pop, indie or hip-hop.

Using all this data and information means we are able to work with our partners at Spotify and target your ads accurately.


Why use Spotify ads for your university?


Spotify ads can be used for university advertising in many different ways, they are perfect for promoting open days, promoting brand awareness, clearing and student recruitment.


One of the many benefits of Spotify advertising is the way your target audience can interact with your advert, when listening to a traditional radio ad about your university the student or potential student would need to remember a URL or a phone number to then follow up on your ad. Using Spotify ads means that people interested in your ad can click directly from their device to your website and then book a place at an open day for example.



There are seven types of Spotify adverts currently available, although we can offer all we have narrowed it down to three ad formats we know to work well for education and university advertising. If you would like to know about all the different Spotify ads please click here for an overview on these.

The four types of ad we have suggested for University and Education advertising are Audio ads which work well for student recruitment, as they talk to the potential student keeping them engaged and giving a personal experience. Mobile and Desktop Overlay, which work well in combination with audio ads and, Sponsored Sessions, which work well for brand awareness.


If you want to know more about how Spotify advertising and how it can be used for your university, please get in touch with our team.

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