Clearing 2017 - What To Be


June 2017

Clearing is such a vital period of time for universities; a record 33,300 students found their university places through clearing last year with a growing number of people entering higher education by applying directly through clearing after the deadline in June. Based on previous clearing campaigns and using our extensive experience we have put together our top tips for clearing this year.

The key to any successful clearing campaign is planning. With clearing just around the corner, we are now at the perfect time to start planning and putting together your campaign. Look back at previous clearing campaigns and see what worked particularly well, use this to build on your new campaign.
Rather than focusing all your efforts into just one platform, distribute your budget across a variety of platforms to help ensure maximum reach. Some platforms work better than others for certain courses and faculties so it is important to know which works best for you. There are now more platforms than ever to connect with your audience including Snapchat; Snapchat is new to clearing this year and offers Snap ads and geofilters to help promote your university, we are excited to see the role Snapchat plays this year and how many universities make use of this hugely popular platform.
 You must ensure any social posts are highly engaging and will grab the attention of prospective students over other Universities posts. Videos, gifs and imagery are a sure way to up the engagement of any social posts. Keep your videos short to ensure you don’t loose the attention of your audience.
It’s important to stay on top of any questions or posts you may receive from prospective students at this time, they are likely to have more questions and be interacting with your pages more during the clearing period. Make sure your answers are clear and helpful and personal to each individual, you can always link the prospective student to an article or blog for further information or offer to direct message them.
The aim with clearing is to stand out from every other University and to do this your campaign must be innovative and bold. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and try new platforms such as Snapchat or new tactics like Facebook Messenger Ads, these are what will set you apart from other clearing campaigns.
 Lastly, you need to be clear about your brand and your brand message, your goal is to win students and do this you must showcase what makes your university unique and different. Ensure however that you aren’t pushing to sell your brand but instead you are instead looking to engage and connect with potential students, Millennials are very aware of what is going on at clearing time and won’t give pushy sales marketing any time. You should also make sure your strapline and hashtag stand out from the others and use them consistently so they are associated with your brand.