Facebook Frames For Clearing 2017


August 2017

Facebook frames launched last year and are essentially frames or filters that can be added to a profile picture. They are used to show support for an event, mark yourself as attending something or just adding some kind of customisation to your profile. Facebook frames can be added by clicking update profile picture either on a mobile or on a desktop, then select add frame, you can then search the frames or see the most popular ones. Facebook frames are made to be temporary and when you select the frame you can choose how long you want it to stay there, for example, one day or one week.


How can universities use this?


Universities can create their own Facebook frame with the idea that students who have their places and will be joining the university will use the frame as a way of announcing where they are going to their Facebook friends.


How to create one?


Creating a Facebook frame is quite easy to do, firstly you’ll need to create your design and export it as PNG file. You would then visit the camera effects page on Facebook, select create a frame, then drag and drop the PNG file.


If you require any additional information on Facebook frames please get in touch.