Snap Ads for Colleges


August 2017

Snap ads have been growing in popularity across the education sector mainly due to the age demographics Snapchat boasts. Snapchat is the fastest growing social media channel to reach the millennial and Gen Z audience. We know young people love Snapchat and spend a lot of time within the app every day; this makes it a perfect platform for reaching college students.


The most popular Snap ad is a web view ad; these allow the user to instantly access websites from your ad without even opening a browser. They allow you to drive Snapchatters to the page you have chosen smoothly, immersing them in a slick full-screen experience. The ad itself is a 10-second vertical video that swipes up to your preloaded web page.


Another popular form of snap ad is long form video, these start the same as web view ads with a 10-second video, but instead of swiping up to a website page the ad swipes up to a longer video. The first 10-second preview of the video should be highly engaging so the user then wants to see more. The long video is also preloaded and ready to watch.




Snapchats targeting options are developing constantly making reaching the right people easier. Currently, we can target by age, locations and interests within Snapchat. We are also able to use a system called “Snap Audience Match” to target, exclude or build lookalikes, from an existing audience list.


Case studies


We have already seen great results from using Snap Ads for colleges in the UK. We recently ran a Snap Ad campaign for Trafford College’s Open Day with the goal to reach a new audience via Snapchat. Over the week campaign, Trafford saw 90% of swipe ups to the site, coming from new users.