Why should Universities be considering an Always-on marketing strategy?


September 2017

Today’s prospective students expect to be able to interact with brands on demand, including universities. This means that for universities to be able to build strong relationships with this audience, they are going to need to be present whenever prospective students want to engage and not just during the traditional recruitment timeframes such as Open Days, UCAS deadlines, and Clearing. By employing an Always-on strategy for their recruitment marketing, universities can meet the expectations of the target audience and create relationships, not just campaigns.



Moreover, due to the increased competition in the Higher Education landscape, this has become even more important, as it creates an opportunity for universities to break through the clutter rather than rely on being the loudest during the most competitive time frames. So instead of spending their entire marketing budget on short flights surrounding key dates in the recruitment schedule, universities can spread their budgets throughout the year and build meaningful connections with prospective students whenever they may be entering the recruitment funnel.


Additionally, by employing an Always-on strategy, universities can increase their overall reach and frequency with prospective students, which we have seen pay off in substantially lower conversion costs. This is because universities aren’t trying to introduce themselves, build rapport, and get prospective students to convert all just before a critical recruitment moment because they will have already had the opportunity to establish brand awareness and affinity in the time leading up to these moments.


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