College Open Days


Blog Post
November 2017

Marketing your college Open Day correctly is vital and will make a big impact on a student’s decision to enrol at your college. We have provided some tips on the channels and techniques to do this correctly.

When planning your opening day, it’s not only young people you’re trying to impress; it’s their parents and guardians too!

By segmenting your market and addressing their respective wants and needs, you can answer these demands via respective campaigns across all social media platforms. This will, in turn, encourage content engagement and generate those registration signups.

But, are prospective students using the same platforms as their parents?

Potentially, yes, but there are definitive preferences. So, it’s important to have a presence on each one, targeting students or parents with content tailored specifically to them.

Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are all at your disposal for getting your message out, and they each have their own merits when it comes to appealing to particular demographics.

Facebook’s own analytics, for example, show a decline of 13-24-year-olds using the platform, but an increase of 25-55+ year-olds.

Whilst Facebook remains the most popular social network choice, new platforms offering disappearing content are drawing teenagers away.

Snapchat is by far the most popular marketing choice with its “Snap stories” and “Swipe Up Snap Ads”. They have also introduced “Geofilters” which show via an overlay when people are in a specific location. Colleges can use all these methods to target young people with their Open Day campaigns.


This generation is known for its shorter attention span than those before it. Their demand and expectations are higher than ever. Content that’s easy to digest is what will win them over. Currently, this is managed best through videos and images.

Adverts which cleanly slot into an individual’s “Snap stories”, for example, are more likely going to be engaged with more often.

So the teenagers and parents have visited your website but what if they haven’t registered for your Open Day.

Simply put: you remind them what they’re missing out on!

This concept works especially well for Facebook and Google Display where tailored adverts are positioned before an audience as they browse online encouraging them to signup for your Open Day. This is done via specific settings within your Facebook/Display campaigns, which attach themselves to tagged pixels or cookies stored on your prospective student/parent’s devices.

Now, you’ve made sure your marketing campaigns are running, you’re targeting the right audience, you’re utilising all social media platforms and you’re creating appetising content.


Many people have been enticed to your website’s registration page to sign up, and you’re reaping the benefits!

But are you tracking the data you’re getting?

Some platforms and the content you use on them will be more successful than others at attracting clicks to your website, registration page, and subsequent open day bookings.

Content on your own website, for example, teasers on your homepage, can also be responsible for encouraging clicks to your registration page to sign up for the open day.

It’s important to evaluate all this data via analytics and on-site tracking. By being aware of what content delivers results and what worked best for generating registrations, you can then be armed with this information to implement into future campaigns

If you would like assistance with Open Day campaigns or anything else then please do get in contact.