2018 New Technologies


2018 is set to be the year of tech within the HE sector, get ready to immerse yourself in all the new technologies that will be available. Chatbots, AI and Virtual reality are going to be at the centre of student recruitment and marketing. Here at Touchpoint, our tech team have the expertise and knowledge to run these new technologies. While our marketing team have the creative ideas to turn these new techs into exciting campaigns customised to your institution.


During Clearing 2017, we saw a rise of universities trying out Chatbots, with some even using them to offer students places. Due to the sheer volume of questions and students wanting to apply around this key period, it seems like a no-brainer to implement tech to alleviate some pressure off the staff. We expect to see the number of universities and colleges using Chatbots increasing even further in 2018. Chatbots can be implemented on either your website, within Facebook messenger, through email and SMS. A fully comprehensive Chatbot will have the capability to collect leads and push these to your CRM, answer questions, ask the right questions to collect the right data, give out information and explore the user’s general queries. We know Gen Z and Millennials expect instant replies and chatbots can be the perfect solution to maintain relationships and give your students or potential students the correct information.


We have seen the steady rise of virtual reality from apps such as Pokémon Go and Snapchats virtual art instalment; however, there has been a limited use of this tech within the education sector. 2018 could see an increase in our sector using augmented and virtual reality, for example, virtual campus tours. These virtual tours work perfectly for student recruitment, particularly international students. Students travelling to your university from overseas may not get the opportunity to visit your campus before they enrol, with virtual campus tours the students are able to get an authentic tour before making their decision.

We also hope to see an increase in Augmented reality being used within the higher education sector this year. Impress your potential students with an unforgettable AR scavenger hunt at your next open event.


Want to know more about new immersive technologies? Get in touch today to find out how these could work for your institution.