Snapchat's New 'Story Ads'


Social media advertising is becoming increasingly competitive. In an attempt to ramp up their efforts, Snapchat has revamped their version of Promoted Stories, now calling them Story Ads. Before, there were no options to target specific locations in the UK, and would only be available to large brands at a huge cost, prohibiting education institutions from using their platform as a means for advertising.

With geo-targeting now enabled in this new version, organisations are able to target very specific locations, meaning Story Ads are much more affordable for the higher education sector. Another big change is the position of the ads. They used to be placed in a slot near the top of the discover feed. Now, however, they will be placed within the discover feed alongside publishers such as Cosmopolitan, Vice, and Buzzfeed.

This new ad format seems like an attempt to further integrate ads into user’s experience, by creating a seamless and narrative style advertisement using three to ten snaps. Users viewing a Story Ad will now be able to swipe up to see more content, like a sign-up or registration form. Having this feature available at the touch of a button could potentially eliminate the hassle prospective students have when searching for and signing up for courses and open days.

With 187 million daily active users, it’s no wonder Snapchat is trying to refine their ad experience. There are now over 500 predetermined audiences on Snapchat where Story Ads are now available. The ability to target ads to users based on where they are, what they care about, and what they watch, give higher ed marketers an unmatched opportunity to engage with future students.

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