Why Live Streaming is an Essential Investment for Education Institutions


As technology develops, and the need for easily accessible media becomes greater, consumers are increasingly choosing video over the more traditional blogs, articles, and other content marketing channels. Live video is exceeding the growth of other types of online video, with a 113% increase in ad growth yearly. Correctly implementing this word-of-mouth power as marketing strategy could have endless benefits for your education institution.

Interaction with prospective students is key to building trust and boosting awareness. With the use of social media live streaming such as Facebook Live, Snapchat Q&A’s, and Instagram Live, universities and colleges are able to offer a first-hand look into what student life is like. As we all know, the time being spent on social media is increasing in our day-to-day lives. This means the potential for engagement is growing, and live streaming allows users to join in swiftly and interact, personalising the audience experience.

Imagine being able to see a day in the life of a current student. Using live video mean universities and colleges can easily promote their campus, classes, and all-around pupil experience. This would be especially beneficial to international students, or students who are unable to make a visit.



Above are examples of Edinburgh University live streaming their graduation event on Instagram! The screenshot on the left is when they’re live, and on the right is when they’ve finished streaming – archiving it into their story so people can watch it later.

Live streaming has the potential to bring a far greater audience than regular video. With the new Instagram algorithm, live streaming is given priority in users news feeds. Pushing your live stream further up the list means people are more likely to click on your video and interact. Viewers are also able to post comments and send likes. The more engagement you get from your live stream, the more likely it is that your video will be suggested to other users, substantially increasing your reach.

What better way to ease a future students mind than to be able to respond to their concerns personally? Having someone answer queries in real time takes away the formalness and impersonal feel of an email or a phone call. Considering Snapchat users under the age of 25 spend on average 30 minutes a day on the app, institutions could see endless benefits when taking full advantage of its live streaming capabilities. Hosting a Q&A through the platform allows prospective students to send videos or photos asking questions directly to a representative. This kind of engagement really has the power to increase a universities trust and recognition.

Increasing competition between universities means the marketing efforts are now constant. According to a study, 86% of colleges and universities have a presence on YouTube. Soon, live streaming will become an essential part of marketing within education. Harnessing this modern digital ability and using it as a valuable marketing tool will ensure your university or college will be set apart from the rest.