Cambridge Judge Business School

Case Study

Cambridge Judge Business School cuts cost per acquisition by 50 percent with online and social media marketing

The University of Cambridge Judge Business School has seen remarkable results from a new online and social media marketing strategy.


A series of innovative campaigns managed by Touchpoint Digital has helped the School’s Executive Education team halve its cost per acquisition from Google AdWords, boost registration for its webinars by 60 percent through LinkedIn DirectAds, and gain more than 5,000 new Twitter followers within just two weeks.


Meeting the challenges of a competitive market

The University of Cambridge Judge Business School is a world-class provider of business-focused higher and further education. Its Executive Education division helps professionals and senior managers from all industries develop their knowledge and skills via a range of more than 25 open programmes, and also designs custom programmes that address specific needs for individual clients.


The market for executive education is extremely competitive, so effective marketing is very important. Finding and targeting the right audience via traditional campaigns can be both challenging and expensive, so the Executive Education team decided to take a closer look at the potential of online and social media marketing.


Tim Landucci, Marketing Director for Cambridge Judge Business School’s Executive Education team, comments: “We used to treat online and social media marketing as just another aspect of our overall marketing strategy, and as a result, we weren’t exploiting the full potential of these channels.


“We wanted help from a real specialist, and when Touchpoint Digital proposed a way to manage Google AdWords that would give us a better level of service at a better price, we decided to give them an opportunity to impress us.”


Cutting cost per acquisition by 50 percent

Touchpoint worked closely with the Executive Education team to refine its AdWords keywords and ad groups, and link them more intelligently to wider marketing efforts. It also developed a more flexible funding model, allowing the team to raise the budget ceiling for AdWords when specific opportunities arose to support other campaigns.


“We were impressed by both the expertise and the dedication of the Touchpoint team,” says Tim Landucci. “At the start of the campaign, they asked a lot of very astute questions that steered us towards a much more targeted and productive approach. Their insight and their commitment to continuous improvement have helped us reduce the cost per acquisition from AdWords by 50 percent.”


Targeted advertising on social networks

Next, Touchpoint recommended investigating the possibilities of DirectAds on LinkedIn – a targeted pay-per-click service that enables the Executive Education team to focus on specific profile demographics and members of specific groups.


“Touchpoint helped us understand the great advantage of DirectAds: it’s very easy to assess their ROI because you can track what people do once they’ve clicked,” says Tim Landucci. “For example, we’ve seen a 60-percent uplift in registration for our webinars as a direct result of one of our LinkedIn campaigns.”


Fifteen-fold growth in Twitter followers

More recently, the Executive Education team has started working with Touchpoint to build a larger following on Twitter.


“We had been using Twitter for a while, but we were finding it difficult to attract new followers organically,” says Tim Landucci. “Touchpoint came to us with an idea about using Promoted Accounts to target people with relevant interests, such as followers of business publications and other business schools.


“We started a Twitter campaign with the target of gaining 2,000 new followers, and it significantly outperformed expectation levels: we actually went from 350 to 5,500 in less than two weeks. This gives us a really solid foundation for promoting new programmes and activities, which we can supplement with Promoted Tweets as necessary.”


Building on a successful relationship

Tim Landucci concludes: “Touchpoint has consistently delivered excellent service, in terms of both quality and value. As our relationship grows, Touchpoint’s innovative ideas and commitment to customer service will continue to help us make the most of our investment in Google Adwords and social media channels.”