Central Saint Martins

Tracking and Analytics Case Study

The Touchpoint team often help resolve technical issues as they may relate to marketing for their clients. This typically involves working closely with the University’s web team to find a solution.


An example of this was a tracking issue that arose whilst working on a campaign for Central St. Martins in November 2015. Touchpoint had recently started working with Central St. Martins and after a pre-launch discussion regarding goals discovered that they were unable to track bookings for campaigns due to the limitations of the e-commerce technology that they were using. As such, they weren’t able to determine where the bookings were coming from for previous and current marketing activity.


Knowing that the basket could not be changed due to factors beyond the marketing team’s control at the time, Touchpoint developed a creative solution that would enable CSM to track users signing up for courses and ensure that the campaigns that they were running were being measured.


To do this, Touchpoint set up event tracking within Google Analytics, enabling the CSM to track ‘add to baskets’ for the different marketing channels they were utilising. Event tracking is essentially a piece of code that enables information to be sent to Google Analytics when a certain ‘event’ occurs. In this case, it was when a user clicked the ‘add to basket’ button.


In doing so, Touchpoint was able to optimise budgets between channels more effectively thereby saving the University money. Additionally, it gave CSM a clearer understanding of the impact that their marketing campaigns were having without requiring them to change to a different e-commerce platform.