QA Executive Masters

Cyber Security Case Study

QA’s Executive Masters division (QAEM) offers part-time master’s programmes in partnership with Northumbria University and the University of Roehampton, delivering professional qualifications in the heart of Central London. In February 2016, QAEM approached Touchpoint Digital regarding their part-time MSc Cyber Security programme, with the goal of increasing leads through a combination of social and search engine marketing.


The target audience for QAEM’s Cyber Security campaign is very niche, with any prospective applicant not only needing to work in a relevant industry but also needing to live within a commutable distance of London. Ensuring that the right people would see the ads, and minimising the number of wasted impressions against irrelevant audience segments were the main challenges that Touchpoint faced when developing an effective marketing strategy.


After in-depth research into the target audience and analysis of the different targeting and platform opportunities available, Touchpoint developed a multi-layered campaign strategy that included a mix of higher funnel awareness building tactics across Social Media, with tactics that reached in-market audiences inclusive of remarketing and search advertising to drive the most cost-effective conversions. Through regular optimisations based on CPA, Touchpoint was able to fine-tune the targeting and messaging, which resulted in a 72% reduction in CPA between subsequent campaigns.