Toulouse Business School Barcelona

Lead Ads Case Study

In Spring 2016, Toulouse Business School enlisted the help of Touchpoint Digital to help increase engagement with prospective students for their Barcelona campus. After a thorough analysis of the website data, Touchpoint concluded that one of the key challenges they were facing was a substantial drop-off from mobile devices due to a poor mobile user experience. And, given the mobile first nature of the audience, this was accounting for a significant portion (51%) of their website visitors.


To solve this problem, Touchpoint leveraged their knowledge of the target audience and data insights from hundreds of campaigns. They recommended employing Facebook Lead Ads which would not require TBS Barcelona to rebuild their website, but would still allow them to collect meaningful information from prospective students on mobile devices. The Lead Ads appeared within the newsfeed of targeted Facebook users and provided information about the University before asking users to complete a form to share their contact information with TBS Barcelona. Additionally, users were not required to leave the platform to fill out the form and contact information could be prepopulated from their Facebook account, resulting in a seamless user experience. The Lead Ad campaign generated a 7x increase in conversion rate from mobile devices compared with the onsite mobile conversions.


Due to the success generated from the Facebook Lead Ad campaign, TBS Barcelona has kept this tactic as an integral part of their recruitment strategy and expanded its use into other social platforms.