Toulouse Business School Barcelona

MSc Finance Case Study

In 2016, Touchpoint began working with Toulouse Business School’s Barcelona campus to develop a strategic online recruitment campaign to support their MSc Finance programme. The University tasked Touchpoint with lowering costs and increasing conversions. Touchpoint knew that targeting would play a critical role in achieving the University’s goals, so developed a targeting strategy that could evolve with the campaign.


The strategy involved launching with targeting based on recent applicant data provided by the university and insights taken from similar campaigns. Using this targeting across social media, Touchpoint was able to collect data on the types of users that were actually converting and make adjustments to the target audience throughout the life of the campaign.


After thorough analysis, Touchpoint was able to determine which audiences were most likely to convert. Not only did this result in a 219% increase in conversions, but it also played a role in informing future campaign strategies, by identifying high converting audiences not reached by previous campaigns.


Based on the success of this campaign, TBS is still partnering with Touchpoint on their MSc recruitment marketing strategies and has expanded their strategy to include initiatives in new regions, focused on audiences identified by Touchpoint during this initial campaign.