Trafford College

Open Day Case Study

In 2017, Touchpoint began working with Trafford College to help promote their Open Day events. The main objective of the campaigns was to increase attendance at the events, which previously had seen an average turnout between 200-250 people.


Trafford College was hosting a November Open Day as well as a new Open Day event in September. Because the September event had not been previously held, Touchpoint had the added challenge of building awareness for the new event among the target audience.


After doing an in-depth analysis of the target audience Touchpoint created segments within the platforms and tailored ads that would resonate with each particular audience. Whilst the campaigns were live, Touchpoint continuously optimised the budget to audiences that were most likely to convert. Ultimately, using this strategy Touchpoint was able to contribute to an increased attendance at both events, with between 400-450 people attending the September event, and 396 people attending the November event.